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There are other standards that businesses can sign up to – what makes GBC different?

We believe the simplicity and basic ethical principles of the GBC will be key to its success. Application will be made as easy as possible and will take less than one hour to complete. Signing up to the GBC will be free in the first year and annual fees will be modest thereafter depending on the size of the organisation. The GBC is a non-profit making organisation funded by private sponsors who are keen to be supportive of responsible capitalism. We hope the GBC, because of its simplicity and cost effectiveness, will quickly gain support and therefore critical mass, which will give it important and influential authority to change business practice for good.

Will it change business behaviour?

We hope so. In order to sign up to the Charter each business will need to evaluate the way it operates in relation to the ten component areas. As more businesses get involved, and as GBC members get publicly recognised and rewarded, we hope that it will become increasingly difficult for companies to sit outside this framework.

Small companies and charities

The GBC is currently only open to companies and charities with 10 employees or more.  We recognise that 96% of all businesses in the UK have less than 10 employees but on advice from smaller companies, we understand that some of the employee requirements of the GBC can be difficult for organisations with few employees to meet.  We invite you to take a look at the questions for companies/charities with 10-50 employees ( and if you feel you can comply with these, then we are happy for you to apply for accreditation.  

We are looking at what we can offer organisations with less than 10 employees and would encourage you to contact us with your details so that we can get in touch with you when we have more information about our plans.  

Good Business Charter

Take the first step now and sign up with us today. If you receive accreditation to the GBC, membership will be FREE for the first year.

Our 10 components

Find out more about the ideals that make up the cornerstone of the Good Business Charter.
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Calling all employees, customers and suppliers.

If you have reason to believe that a GBC accredited organisation is not meeting its obligations, please let us know.