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As of 8th April 2024, the Good Business Charter has made some changes to its pricing structure. 

As a charity, we need to charge a fee for our assessment and accreditation services and to help us grow the Good Business Charter. Our fees have been benchmarked against comparable ethical accreditation schemes and since we were established in 2020, this is the first time we’ve increased our fees, despite the rising costs of inflation and cost of living. 

It is worth noting, this does not cover our entire operating costs and we are grateful to our founder, Julian Richer, who is subsiding our operating costs to ensure the GBC is as accessible as possible to all organisations. 

Sign-up fee 

In recognition of the work involved in onboarding a new organisation, and to signal the commitment of an organisation to accreditation, we have introduced a one-time sign-up fee of £150 for organisations up to 50 employees and £300 for organisations with 51+ employees. 

For SMEs, in recognition of the financial pressures they are under, the sign-up fee includes the first year of accreditation. (Organisations with 0-50 employees pay £150 sign-up fee which includes their £50 annual fee for the first year of accreditation.  Organisations with 51-250 employees pay £300 sign-up fee which includes their £250 annual fee for the first year of accreditation).

Accredited organisations

Please note, organisations renewing their accreditation do not pay the initial sign-up fee. It is only for new organisations accrediting for the first time.


Annual accreditation fees 

Annual accreditation fees are being simplified by moving from a per-employee cost to a flat rate based on the size of the organisation. Please note that organisations with more than 250 employees must pay both the accreditation fee and a one-time sign-up fee upon their initial accreditation. In subsequent years, these organisations will only be required to pay the annual accreditation fee.


Each year organisations are required to renew their accreditation through the Accreditation Centre.  If the accreditation lapses, an organisation will be liable to pay the sign-up fee again in order to re-apply for accreditation. 

Payment Terms 

Our invoices are payable within 30 days. As a GBC-accredited organisation, you are committed to paying invoices within 30 days, in line with our tenth component on prompt payment. 

GBC Accreditation

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