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Embedding the GBC

We cannot over-emphasise the importance of truly embedding the Good Business Charter into your organisation. This is the way to maximise the benefits it offers as a framework that brings together different sections of your organisation to champion people and planet.

Please see below for some great examples of how organisations are embedding the GBC into what they do.  Ask yourself:

  • Do all of my stakeholders know we’re GBC accredited? 
  • How do they know what you’re doing in order to meet our commitments and support them? 
  • How will we keep GBC on the agenda internally and ensure any internal and external communication we do that relates to one of the GBC components includes our accreditation? 
Schroders May 2022

Schroders Personal Wealth

Schroders Personal Wealth is a great example of how an organisation have completely embedded the GBC. They are using the GBC 10 components as a framework for their responsible business work and to communicate with both internal and external stakeholders.  

Responsible Business | Schroders Personal Wealth (  

Responsible business report  2022 

GBC component work and reporting 
They have regular Responsible Business Network meetings to progress work and embed in the organisation; end of year reporting on what they are doing in all component areas, communications and embedding.

Internal Comms
They introduced the GBC to their staff team and give regular updates on work in component areas, offer a platform for involvement in key areas, and include it in information for new starters.

External Comms 
GBC work is highlighted each quarter in their client magazine and included in client packs and presentations to business clients and in presentations to individuals (staff of businesses).

Regular articles & social media
Conducting our business responsibly | Schroders Personal Wealth  

TSB Square


TSB is another good example of an organisation who has used the GBC as a framework for their responsible business work.

Case Study
Fairer Future Case Study: why TSB signed the Good Business Charter (

They have the GBC logo on the footer of their website and within their responsible business pages The Do What Matters Plan | Essentials | TSB Bank, display GBC information in branches and internally, it is embedded in their responsible business work. They have also included the GBC in a sustainability programme they are running and encourage SMEs to accredit.

Announcing GBC accreditation, renewals and other PR 

Saffron Building Society are a small building society that managed to get 4 press releases picked up when they accredited with us! Saffron Shines Forth – 2nd Building Society to join GBC (  

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Great links to work in component areas: Ethical Business Practices | University of Northampton 

Great banner heading – linking to internal page Welcome to Wilson Wright LLP | Accountants in London (6th slide on home page banner)

Great example leading to responsible business report, using GBC as a framework Responsible Business | Schroders Personal Wealth ( 

Great example of GBC on homepage footer, linking to internal page with press release Silver Birch Care – 16+ Accommodation & Support Services