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Reporting your concerns

If you have a concern about one of our accredited organisations, then you are in the right place.  Here we set out when it would be appropriate to contact us and what we are able to do, as well as what information we would need from you.

The nature of your concern

GBC accredited organisations are committed to all 10 of our components.  If you have evidence that a particular member is not meeting a component, then we want to hear from you using the form below.  This is especially true if you are an employee,subcontractor or  supplier.

What we can do

With the information you supply we aim to undertake an investigation within 20 working days of the receipt of the report.  If we consider that an organisation is not meeting its commitments to the GBC, we will remove them from our membership and ask them to stop using our logo.  

We will inform you of the outcome of our investigation.

What we cannot do

With regard to customer complaints, we are not in a position to get involved in a dispute between you and a member.  Our customer component focuses on a published commitment to the customer and that in larger organisations customer feedback is collated and reported on to a senior level.  Even the best organisations will be involved in legitimate disputes with customers and it is not our place to get involved in these.

We are unable to fully investigate an issue without proper evidence.

Why it matters

The Good Business Charter recognises that it is reliant on organisations being honest in their self-certification and we do place confidence in the role of employees and other stakeholders alerting us where this is not the case.  Using this form would be the best way to do this in the first instance.  


    Good Business Charter

    If you are already accredited, you can find information and documentation on your accreditation dashboard.

    Our 10 components

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