Case study: How accredited organisations lead by example with excellent customer commitment

Great customer service is of the utmost importance when it comes to running and growing your business. It is also a mark of respect to treat your customers fairly and deal appropriately with complaints. In a competitive environment, good customer service will give your business an advantage – we live in an age where people communicate widely and publicly with others, and businesses receiving comments of good or poor service on social media and review websites like Trustpilot, can make a huge difference to their sales and bottom line. 

We spoke to some of our accredited organisations to explore their proactive efforts in meeting the customer commitment component and how they fulfil client needs.  

Feeling inspired?    

We are incredibly proud of the work our accredited organisations do within the customer commitment component, having truly embedded and championed the GBC framework. These examples from accredited organisations teaches a vital lesson for all organisations: in a world where transparency and accountability is more important than ever, the ability to effectively engage with and respond to customer and feedback is not just an added benefit—it is a fundamental component of sustainable growth and operational excellence. 

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