Essential Workers MUST NOT BECOME Dispensable Workers

As the UK returns to work, let’s ensure that business plays its role in building a dynamic, prosperous and fairer society.

In recent weeks, we have come to recognise the importance of essential workers. In health, distribution, retail, agriculture, public services and other areas, key workers have kept the outside world running, so the rest of us have been able to remain safe indoors.

As businesses consider a return to work, we urge leaders of those organisations to ensure that these essential workers do not become dispensable workers.

Now is the time for companies to decide how they want to do business and how they want to be regarded by employees and consumers alike.

The Good Business Charter was set up last year and has 10 central principles that ensure the fair treatment of staff, suppliers and customers.

Other key elements are care for the environment and fair payment of taxes (without engaging in tax avoidance).

Our CBI and TUC agreed principles form a blueprint for responsible capitalism and we believe that all companies should abide by them. Displaying our logo demonstrates to the world that your company cares about people, society, the world around us and other businesses.

So far, around 100 companies have signed up to the Charter, but that leaves many thousands that haven’t.

If you want businesses to behave responsibly…

  • As an employee, please ask why your company hasn’t signed up.
  • As a consumer, please look out for companies that have signed up, and reward them with your custom.
  • If you run a business, why not sign up and be recognised for your responsible business practices. It’s FREE! (For the first year and a nominal charge thereafter).