How every corner of your organisation plays a crucial role in achieving net zero

23rd April, 2024

Feedwater is a manufacturer and supplier of water treatment chemicals, equipment and water softeners, with consultancy services, who has been accredited with the Good Business Charter since 2022.  

For Feedwater, environmental responsibility has been part of their DNA since the company was founded, their purpose has always been to reduce energy and water usage for their customers – and to keep them legally compliant. These environmental commitments is one of the reasons Feedwater was awarded the title as Wirral’s Sustainable Business of The Year for 2023. 

We sat down with Sean Forsythe, Technical Manager at Feedwater, to discuss how Feedwater is making significant strides in reducing its environmental impact. 


Why did you decide to start investing in green energy? 

“I have a friend at work who had a solar energy system installed at his home many years ago. It feels he’s given me almost daily updates on how many kilowatt hours his system has generated. He might excitedly say, “Look, Sean – I’ve generated 5.6 kilowatt hours today…. IN FEBRUARY!”. In the past, I’d have politely nodded, smiled and said, “Oh that’s great Gary. How’s the family?”. But now I secretly love a bit of kilowatt chat… actually I’ve become a convert since Gary convinced me to get my own solar system at home.

“Gary’s enthusiasm was infectious, and it played a significant part in our decision to install our first solar energy system at our Moreton HQ in 2023. We’re proud of our new system, which has generated around 11,250  kilowatt hours so far!” 

What other environmental improvements have you made as a business?  

“We’ve made several improvements as a business in the past year, including:

  • Invested more into our EV fleet (vehicles and charge points)
  • Switched our electricity contracts to 100% renewable (so that when we’re not using our own solar energy, we’re still using clean electricity)  
  • Taken our first formal steps on the path to net zero and have started to plan for further reductions to our carbon footprint”

What environmental action are you most proud of?  

“There are lots of positive environmental actions we’ve taken as a business over the years, but I think it’s important to highlight the contribution of individuals in this effort. Many of our colleagues, suppliers and customers are passionate about reducing our impact on the environment, and it is their smaller actions and the encouragement they give on a daily basis that keeps us going in the right direction.

 “Like my pal Gary and his persistent push for renewable energy, or the Chemical Production Department adapting their equipment and procedures to use less energy when we make products, or Tim, the former MD, tinkering with the central heating controls to ensure we’re not wasting energy, or the Micro Lab team, who worked with a local manufacturer (Microspec) to enable our used lab sample bottles were being recycled directly into new products.

I’m proud of the actions Feedwater is taking, big and small, to improve our environment. We recognise that we still have a lot of work to do, but we are committed to continually improving. I believe that as long as we keep doing the right thing as individuals (even when nobody is watching!), and our leaders keep enabling us to do that, we’ll stay on track.” 


What is the future looking like for Feedwater?  

Technical Manager, Gary Hogben stressed the need to keep moving ahead, commenting

“As Feedwater grows further, we recognise that Net Zero is good for our business. Our customers want us to do this and we want it for ourselves to protect the planet we all depend upon.”

“We have exciting plans for structural improvements and further renewable energy projects to power them, together with a major overhaul of our vehicle fleet.”


It’s clear the profound impact every facet of an organisation can have on achieving net zero emissions. From individual enthusiasm to company-wide initiatives, every effort contributes to a more sustainable future. Feedwater’s journey showcases the power of collective action, from investing in renewable energy to optimizing operational practices. As they continue their commitment to environmental responsibility, we hope they inspire others to follow suit.