Scam alert

24th November, 2023

A few people have made us aware of a scam where people are offering to sell some kind of distribution list for the Good Business Charter.  This is a common scam using falsified information and we recommend you mark the email as spam.

GBC accredited organisations are publicly listed here but only the company name.  We suspect from this list, someone has the scoured individual websites for further information to give the impression they have access to our list when they do not.  We take the protection of the individual contact details for GBC applications very seriously and hold it only for the purposes of application to become GBC accredited, renew their accreditation or for us to communicate directly with them in newsletters.

We will never sell information on to organisations nor share it with anyone without an individual’s express permission.

The email looks something like this:

I’m following up to confirm if you are interested in acquiring the Distribution/Member List.

·           The Good Business Charter ( London , UK , 2023 )

·           1,000+ Contacts

Let me know your thoughts so that I can share the cost & additional details.


Sorry if you have received an email of this nature.  It is a sad state of affairs that people are trying to sell on falsified information of a charity which is championing responsible business behaviour.